Why Choose Timah

Discover The Exquisite Flavours of Timah

Timah Whiskey is a new world whiskey manufactured by Winepak Corporation. Its excellent taste and unique flavours are inspired by the alcoholic preferences of Asian culture. 

So, what’s the big secret behind Timah Whiskey’s unique taste? Well, first things first, our whiskey is a special blend of two aged imported peated malts, and a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin. Aged in American oak barrels. It invents a very refined and distinguished type of taste profile which sets the whiskey apart from other whiskeys you’ve tried out there.

Other than that, Timah has also been awarded as the Best Malaysian Whiskey at the International Whisky Competition. We’re proud to say that our whiskey was awarded because of its outstanding taste, a taste which has refinement, finesse, and complexity of flavour, which captures the spirit of what a true new world whiskey should taste like. 

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Currently, Timah Whiskey is available across several countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Interested to get yourself a bottle of Timah Whiskey today? Well, look no further, click here to order a bottle of Timah, or contact us here to arrange for our alcohol and whiskey delivery services in Malaysia.

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