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Winepak Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd is an internationally recognised wholesale liquor supplier based in Malaysia. Our company was founded by Mr. Yeo Eng Chiang who is the chairman of the Malaysian Bottling Association.


Over the years, Winepak has earned an impressive track record as an online liquor store in Malaysia. We achieved this by providing stellar manufacturing services such as producing and bottling alcohol and liquors for international brands, and also offering private label manufacturing services to both local and international markets. 


As an established company, we continuously set our eyes on producing premium quality products, inspired by the spirit of innovation and improvement. We strive to achieve standards beyond excellence in our industry and do not settle for less. Click here to view some of the international awards that we have won as one of the world’s best alcohol suppliers.


Our reputation as a renowned distillery has granted us the privilege to work with global brands such as: Old Smuggler Scotch Whisky, Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky, Martineau Brandy, Kahlua Liqueur, Westminster Dry Gin, Watson Gin, Duke Gin, Clipper Rum, Gorlovka Vodka, Karloff Vodka and more. 


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The One & Only Timah Whiskey Online Shop

Our Signature Product

Introducing Timah Whiskey, our bestselling signature product at Winepak International.  


Right now, you are probably wondering what makes our whiskey so special. Well, as its name indicates, Timah Whiskey is a blended whiskey that consists of a carefully crafted blend of two aged peated malts, and a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin. The masterfully crafted Timah blend is also strongly influenced by the heritage and multicultural history of Malaysia.


Timah Whiskey is double peated – peat is a natural, plant-based fuel source which is burned in order to dry malted barley. This gives our Timah Whiskey its characteristic smokey flavour and aroma. All of Timah Whiskey’s  components are blended by our master blender to create the distinctive taste of the Timah blend. 


Upon tasting, Timah Whiskey is a light, fruity whiskey that has a harmonious mix of smoke and a playful hint of a floral bouquet. Timah has an added layer of complexity as it starts off on a smokey palate before settling into a sweet, light oak finish. 


Being Malaysia’s trusted wholesale alcohol supplier and manufacturer, we want to share the excellence of Timah Whiskey so that everyone can enjoy it. Click here to visit our Timah Whiskey online shop now to order Timah Whiskey today.