Timah Double Peated Whiskey

Timah – Double peated blended whiskey (40%, Winepak Intl 2021)
Nose: basically what you’d expect from an 8 year old Islay malt, from Coal Ila let’s say. Clean smoke, quite mashy with some hints of geraniums and burnt grass. Hints of apple eau-de-vie and charcoal. Not much going on, it has a low aromatic impact compared to the unblended (and higher ABV) Scotch versions, but at least the Malaysian spirit didn’t hurt it.

Mouth: again, this falls within expectations, although you now feel both the low ABV and the dilution with neutral alcohol. It tastes like an Islay whisky ‘from a distance’. Lemons and lemon sweets, bonfire smoke, olives, grasses and a slight alcohol tingle.

Finish: medium, smooth with some toffee sweetness and light pepper.

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