Tristram Shandy


Still Wondering “What Can I Mix With Whiskey?” You’re In The Right Place!

Named after the famous novel by Sterne? No—in honour of Captain Speedy!

Malaysian Whiskey hails from a tropical climate, so we had to make a cocktail that is perfect for the weather. The Tristram Shandy has been likened to a ‘soda for grown-ups.’ 

But it doesn’t look like the average soda – the inclusion of pink lemonade makes it both stimulating for your eyes and refreshing to drink. What’s more, Captain Tristram Charles Speedy was an explorer, and if you decide to do some exploring yourself, this drink is perfect to beat the heat. 


When To Have It: 

On a hot summer holiday, when you’re feeling adventurous, and thinking: “what can I mix with whiskey?” Tristram Shandy is a choice that can never go wrong. Laze on a beach chair under the shade of an umbrella. All you have to do is look fabulous, while sipping on your very own Tristram Shandy, as you cool down from the sun. 


Flavour Profile:

Sweet, tangy, and effervescent – the Tristram Shandy is a refreshing, lemony and citrusy soda-like drink. Timah Whiskey provides a hint of peat infusion in the drink’s prominent beer flavour. This is the best whiskey lemonade recipe loved by everyone!



  • 50ml Timah
  • 10ml pink lemonade
  • 230ml pale ale or beer
  • Lemon wheel garnish


How To Make:

In a pilsner glass, combine Timah, lemonade, and then a beer of a pale ale. Garnish with a lemon wheel. And voilà! You have the best whiskey lemonade recipe in the world.