Tasty Timah Whiskey Recipes

Exploring the internet for exceptional whiskey drink recipes? You’re in the right place, my friend. Allow us to introduce our unique blend of our most sought after liquor, Timah Whiskey. 


It’s a whiskey like no other. Don’t believe us? Well, our expert distillers have put together some of the most amazing recipes that goes remarkably well with Timah Whiskey. 


Our unique recipes below are put together for different whiskey lovers around the world to enjoy. Some prefer sweeter whiskey, others enjoy more sour or bitter ones. We have it all to quench your thirst. 


When mixed with our whiskey, these recipes will take you to a whole new exciting world; a world that is appealing and welcoming to your taste buds. Check out our treasure trove of favourite whiskey drink recipes below.


Whiskey Sour




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