How To Enjoy Timah Whiskey To The Fullest: An Ultimate Guide

Can’t resist enjoying a fine drink of whiskey on a Friday night with your friends? Or maybe, you’re someone who has already tried our signature product, Timah Whiskey, and you’re coming back for more, to learn and see what other ingredients you can mix Timah Whiskey with. 


Well, either way, you’re in luck. We’ll reveal some of our best recipes that you’ve probably never thought of trying. You can now enjoy a new and refreshing taste of Timah Whiskey to get you looking forward to your Friday night and weekend, to cool off after a long week of work. Interested to learn more? Let’s dive in below.


How To Enjoy Timah Whiskey: There’s More Than One Way

One thing is for sure, there’s definitely more than one way to mix Timah Whiskey with other ingredients. So, here are some of our favourite recipes to “level up” the taste of your Timah beverage. 

1. Timah Old-Fashioned

The Timah Old-Fashioned is a classic whiskey recipe. It’s a traditional cocktail that uses a blend of traditional and unique flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is rich and smooth, laced with a zesty hint of orange flavour. The key to achieving a spectacular taste lies in the orange garnish. 

Make sure you mix the garnish with Timah and a few dashes of Angostura bitters. And voila, sit back and enjoy! Nothing beats classic! If you’re interested, you can also click here to learn the complete recipe to learn how to enjoy Timah Whiskey to the fullest. 

2. Timah Whiskey Sour

If you love sour drinks, then you’ll most probably like our Timah Whiskey Sour. It’s a recipe sent from heaven to everyone who loves a bit of sour kick in their alcohol. With this drink, you’ll never have to wonder what to mix with whiskey besides soda ever again. 

But if you think the sour taste is too overwhelming for you, you can add a bit of sweetness to your beverage like sugar syrup, or even add in a hint of lemon zest to make the taste more complex and refined. As a finishing touch, you can put some lemon zest and a Maraschino cherry on your drink. Learn more about our Timah Whiskey Sour recipe today. 

3. Timahattan

Still wondering what you can mix with whiskey? Allow us to introduce The Timahattan. The Timahattan was inspired from the early 1880’s cocktail called The Manhattan. It is a brilliant red-orange drink that uses the same recipes as The Manhattan, but is mixed with Timah Whiskey.

On the tip of your nose, you’ll get a hint of some smokey and peppery notes. The best way to achieve this smell? Is to mix a few dashes of aromatic bitters into your Timah Whiskey, and stir it with ice and place a Maraschino cherry on top to make it look good. Here’s more about our Timahattan recipe. 

4. Timah Kopi

Coffee is all the rage these days! Everyone loves a nice sip flat white or latte that smells of strong and grounded aromatic coffee beans. And guess what? You can do the same for Timah Whiskey as well. Try mixing it with coffee! And you’ll notice a huge difference in your drink’s flavour profile.

Here’s how you do it. Add a cup of brewed coffee into your Timah Whiskey, and spray some unsweetened whip cream on the top of your alcoholic beverage with some chocolate flakes to bring out that smokey undertone of the whiskey and coffee. This is one of the best whiskey drinks to make at home on a cool and rainy day. Here’s more about our Timah Kopi recipe, if you’re interested.

5. Tristram Shandy

Looking for a whiskey lemonade recipe? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here’s a recipe that tastes sweet, tangy and effervescent. That’s how we would like to describe Tristram Shandy. This shandy is named after Captain Tristram Charles Speedy who was an English explorer. 

To put it simply, Tristram Shandy is an alcoholic beverage that tastes like a “soda drink for grown-ups”. Here’s how you do it. Put some pink lemonade, pale ale or beer with a lemon garnish into your Timah Whiskey. Give it a few stirs and voila! It’s ready for you to enjoy. Read more about our Tristram Shandy recipe here.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our best Timah Whiskey recipes that you can mix with your drink. If you haven’t got a Timah Whiskey yet, then why not click this link here to get one today? Cheers!


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