Malaysia’s award-winning Timah whisky marks official global launch

You’ll find a distinct nose and tone here. Being double peated, smokiness is an obvious note you’ll pick up. But it’s layered and folded in with tropical fruit aromas and a slight floral bouquet. It is also rather light and carries a rum-like sweetness, and isn’t as overpowering as you might think, making it a great whisky to sip on for peat heads.

In many ways, Timah is a celebration of the peated malts we know and love, coupled with a hint of what Malaysian agriculture and expertise can offer. It is a whisky that walks the middle path well between providing what whisky lovers traditionally like, while pushing the boundaries a little with a touch of local. And it definitely has a place on any open-minded whisky drinker’s bar shelf.

So appreciate Timah on its own terms. Not by comparing it with Scotch or Bourbon or any whisky from any other region, but as a unique creation from Malaysia.

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