Timah Kopi


Best Whiskey Drinks To Make At Home

Great for a cold, drab day at home … or to sneak into the office. Introducing Timah Kopi.

Discover The Best Whiskey Coffee Recipe Right Here:

Irish Coffee? Put that aside for a minute. How about Malaysian Timah Kopi? ‘Kopi’ is a local word for coffee. Being proud of our Malaysian heritage, we wanted to pay homage to this word, and decided to name our cocktail after ‘Kopi’.

Irish coffee originated from – you guessed it – Ireland, and made its way around the world as the perfect blend of whiskey and coffee. Being such a quintessential cocktail, we knew we just had to make one ourselves! But with a Malaysian twist, and a mixture of Timah Whiskey. 


When To Have It: 

A cold, rainy day as you sit under a toasty blanket, listening to rain fall on the window. Or really, anytime you’re feeling indulgent or need a pick-me-up, regardless of the weather. Timah Kopi is one of the easiest and best whiskey drinks to make at home.


Flavour Profile:

Sweet, rich, and boozy coffee. The coffee provides a deep, rich flavour while Timah Whiskey gives it a smokiness as well as an earthy undertone. The cream on top provides a smooth and satisfyingly full mouth feel.



  • 50ml Timah
  • 50ml unsweetened whipped cream
  • 1 cup brewed coffee
  • Brown sugar to taste
  • Chocolate flakes optional


How To Make:

Combine Timah, freshly brewed coffee and sugar. Stir, then add whipped cream. Sprinkle chocolate flakes on top and serve. That’s how you make an excellent whiskey coffee recipe!